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We are proposing for a Dapp Defi staking feature for FROE Tokens to earn a 0.05% DPY (Daily Percent Yield) in FROE ($ROE) Tokens. Staking in this case shall mean a script-locking invocation for Y-amount of $ROE at 0.05% DPY for N-days to receive S-Yield rewards in FROE Tokens.
🔹 Y-amount of FROE shall mean: 1 – 1,000 $ROE
🔹 N-days shall mean a locking period of Y-amount of  FROE.
🔹 N-days are 15Days, 30Days, 60Days & 90Days.
🔹 S.Yield shall mean the staking yield earned
🔹 Staking Formula accumulates DPY in contract for N-days and lock percentage yields in blocks until its expiration, for withdrawals.

S.Yield = (Y-amt x DPY%) N-days
Total Bal = Y-amt + S.Yield

Example of Staking:
If John Doe has 10 FROE ($ROE) in his wallet and He decided to stake 10 $ROE for 30 days, instead of just leaving the asset fallow. What is his S.Yield at 0.05% DPY.

S.Yield = (10 $ROE x 0.05%)*30
S.Yield = (0.005)*30 = 0.15 $ROE
Total Balance = 10 $ROE + 0.15 $ROE
Total Balance = 10.15 $ROE

Note: 0.05% DPY also means 18.25% APY